Ortho photo is an error free aerial image. This basically means that the images are rectified for tilt distortion, relief displacement and scale correction to depict the earth surface on its true map position. Digital Orthophoto has become an integral part of GIS application and its applications nowadays are unlimited, as it has replaced the vector maps utilization to a large extent. Digital Orthophoto generation is quicker and more cost effective when compared to the vector maps.

Vision Geo Informatics is equipped with all sets of skills and software to create highly accurate and aesthetic ortho photo maps from Aerial and Satellite imageries. It has well defined automatic and manual processes to create seamless color balanced Orthophoto mosaics and tiles at all mapping scales for RGB and IR images. Its capabilities to analyze and create accurate DTM further helps to create accurate true Orthophoto maps in areas of elevated surface features like Flyovers, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and tall buildings.

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